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Woo! Here we go!

Yay! We've got like 4 members, and 2 of them aren't me and Maria hahaha.

Okay, we're starting this bad boy off now. We've fixed up our layout and our userinfo as you can see and we're ready to start the first book.

But first, lemme copy and paste the section in our info that explains how the comm works:

We all vote on what book we should read next from off our book list. (Maria and I had all ready decided before we started the community what would be the first book)Either Naus or myself will put the post up and everyone can comment to it with whatever book they want from that list. Everyone has 2 days to get their vote in before we count them up and declare the new book.

Once we post the new book, there will be ONE week given to all members to find a copy of that book. Be it from a library, amazon, wherever. After that week, the reading begins.
Once the mods are half way thru the book, we'll put up a post with screened comments to see how far along everyone is to determine how much time shall be given until we should all be done.

Then we'll post telling you how much time is left to finish the book. Once that day comes, we'll post the poll to find out which book to read next. If you haven't finished the book by then, you still have a couple of days to finish it up before we ask everyone to give their overall review of the book. After that, we'll all start the new book.

Okay, I hope that didn't confuse anyone.
And now the community rules:

01. Be sure to post with comments you have as you read the book. It can be anything from "character x is an ass, why'd he do that?" to "i think the black pot was a metaphor for blah blah blah" We need them posts to get a good discussion going.
02. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE!!! ALWAYS!!! put your comments on what you're reading behind an lj-cut. Some people might not be up to where you are and we don't want to ruin it for them. Just put in the page and chapter your comment is about and then lj-cut the rest.
ex: Chapter 7
page: 213
( read more... )
03. Everyone, be kind to one another. If you don't agree with someone's interpretation or point of view, don't go bashing them and being mean. Now...that ain't right and it's grounds for kicking you out.

Okay then, now that everything's been posted and such I'll tell you all what book we're reading. It's gonna be The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. We all have 1 week to find a copy of the book before we start it.

Thanks again to everyone who's joined and hopefull we can get more people to join before the week is over.

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