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Okay, when Tom Joad was talking about the gate and the pig getting loose, he says "Ever since the pig got out ...an' et the baby"


A real baby? Like a human baby? Or are they talking about like a baby pig or animal. Cuz if it's a real life human baby, that's insane and a very scary piggy. I never knew pigs can eat babies...

"There ain't nothing to look after. The folks ain't never comin' back. I'm just wanderin' aroun' like a damn ol' graveyard ghos'."
-Muley Graves

I thought that quote really rings true, i like it and I can't say why.

When the car spots them and Muley tells them they have to hide, I hated that Joad was all like no, why should I hide? Well DUH! YOU ASS! Muley's just been telling you what's been going on and how ppl have been run out of town thanks to these guys and you're over here being an ass just sprung out of prison thinking you know better? PSH!

But also, if I were him, seeing the current situation with the bank taking their land, I would rather be back in prison where at least you know you'll be fed and housed. Not starving to death and taking ye chances out here with the bank stealing land.

UGH! I hate this chapter. The frantic tone of the text gets to me and annoys the hell outta me. And the dude who's selling all these cars reminds me of that damn truck driver who purposely ran over that poor turtle. I mean, buying his mules for dog food? That's just messed up yo. HORRIBLE! And then taking advantage of someone who's all ready been taken advantage of. I mean, come on now, that's just wrong.

"And her joy was nearly like sorrow."

I liked that, because it gave you the sense that she was just overcome with happiness and how powerful it must've felt.

"...'Goddamn it, Grampa, why don't you run off an be a pirate?'"

I don't understand that at all. Why would you tell someone out of the blue to just run out and become a pirate? I mean, it's like if I just ran up to you and said why don't you just go be a sanitation worker. No sense, at least to me.

Okay then, those are all my observations till now as I'm bout to start Chapter 9.

See you guys a couple chapters down XD

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